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Harish Shankar On The Right Track!

Harish Shankar On The Right Track!

Ram Pothineni's upcoming film, 'The Warriorr', directed by Lingu Swamy, is due to hit theatres on 14th July. At the pre-release function of 'The Warrior', 'Gabbar Singh' director Harish Shankar was present and his revelation caught everyone off guard.

Harish Shankar, who addressed the gathering at the gala event, heaped praise on the entire team of 'The Warrior'. He then lauded Ram Pothineni for his unlimited energy and enthusiasm for work.

Confirming that he has Ram Pothineni in his mind for his next, Harish Shankar said, "I would love to direct Ram. We still have nothing figured, but I will surely direct Ram very soon".

The Telugu media has been buzzing for a few days about Ram Pothineni's upcoming collaboration with Harish Shankar. With Harish's speech, it is now official that the duo would get together for a movie, assuming all goes well.

Harish Shankar has delivered hits earning him widespread acclaim. 

Harish Shankar is waiting to begin his next film with 'Bhavadeeyudu Bhagat Singh' with Pawan Kalyan but the film is not happening. Since the release of “Gaddalakonda Ganesh”, Harish Shankar has been waiting for this film with Pawan Kalyan. Pawan Kalyan gave his nod to Harish Shankar three years ago, and their film was officially announced two years ago.

When Harish was ready to commence the film’s regular shoot this August, he got a shock from Pawan Kalyan. The star recently announced that he will go on a tour in Andhra Pradesh from October for many months. So, Harish Shankar’s film is hanging in the air.

No wonder he is looking to work with mid-range stars like Ram Pothineni.


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