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Guntur Kaaram Day 2 BO: It's A Crash!

Guntur Kaaram Day 2 BO: It's A Crash!

As anticipated, Guntur Kaaram's box office performance on the second day witnessed a significant decline, delivering a shocking blow to Mahesh Babu fans.

Despite the film's promising initial numbers, unfavorable reviews signaled impending disappointment.

The substantial drop on its second day could be labeled as a 'crash,' raising questions about the film's prospects moving forward.

Among the numerous Sankranthi 2024 releases, Guntur Kaaram held significant prominence due to the reunion of Mahesh Babu and Trivikram Srinivas, presenting the genre cherished by SSMB fans.

However, the film's drawback lies in its failure to offer anything novel in terms of drama, action, or comedy. With a runtime approaching 2 hours and 45 minutes, the film tends to drag, and the impact of reshoots is evident in several scenes that come across as incomplete.

A culmination of these factors has led to a staggering 75% drop in the film's performance on the second day, marking a concerning downturn for Mahesh Babu. The outlook for the film appears bleak at this point.

In terms of India's total (net), it plummeted to 13-14 crores on the second day from the impressive 42 crores on the opening day. The cumulative all-India total is expected to hover around 55-56 crores after two days.


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