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Guntur Kaaram: Challenges With The End Of Festival Season

Guntur Kaaram: Challenges With The End Of Festival Season

The festival rush is over. Starting tomorrow, people get busy with offices and schools. Looking at the advance bookings for the next three days the plight of other three Sankranthi films are not encouraging except to that of Hanu-Man. 

The Guntur Kaaram movie, due to an increase in ticket rates and opening good number of shows for early screening on the release day, it has successfully recovered half of its production costs.

The rights for Andhra were sold at 48 crores, Nizam at 40 crores, and the Ceded area at 15 crores. Out of this almost half of the amount is collected at the box office till now. However, the remaining half still needs to be collected, which is no small feat.

Both Naizam and Andhra Pradesh face a similar situation, presenting a challenging task.

Everything appears to be fine during the festival season, but the dynamics shift afterward. The number of theaters decreases, ticket prices begin to drop, and the screens would be allocated only for the successful films.

Amidst all these challenges, crossing the profit threshold for Guntur Kaaram is no easy task. 

At the time of release, the film was given at a reduced price of Rs 4 Cr for Andhra Pradesh, Rs 5 Cr for Nizam and Rs 2 crores for Ceded. To this additional loss of eleven crores, the GST burden also would be added.

After investing in such an ambitious project and having little left, the track record of adding a disaster to the banner profile is undoubtedly unfortunate.

Looking at the booking status for Guntur Kaaram on Kanuma Day, only 12 out of a total of 203 shows were either fast-filling or sold out. This is a shockingly poor performance, especially considering the star value of the project. It is even lower than that of Naa Saami Ranga, which is performing well in 35 out of 107 shows. Saindhav is doing well in only 10 out of 110 shows.

On the other hand, for Hanu-Man, all 133 out of 133 shows are either sold out or fast-filling, proving its invincible blockbuster status.


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