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Gang Leader Trailer: Expect The Unexpected!

Gang Leader Trailer: Expect The Unexpected!

Nani's Gang Leader hit the bull's eye with its impressive trailer thus taking the expectations to a whole new level.

Vikram K Kumar has penned a tailor made character for Nani and the Natural Star has excelled in it. Gang Leader trailer is super fun with many laugh-out-loud moments.

The trailer begins with the scenes establishing the character of Nani, who is a brand ambassador for plagiarism.

He lifts the story ideas for his novels from famous Hollywood films with revenge plot and gets the attention of a gang of ladies. He becomes their leader and help them seek revenge.

Director Vikram Kumar doesn't reveal anything about the reason behind their revenge, but only shows that the female gang is as naive as their leader itself. Only Priyanka Arul Mohan could see Nani's real capabilities as a creator.

The trailer also shows the villain played by Karthikeya and his confrontation with the hero.

Gang Leader trailer lives up to its tagline 'Expect the Unexpected' with hilarious characters and funny dialogue.

Mythri Movie Makers that are going through lean phase of late seems to have a potential winner on hands.

The film is arriving in theaters on September 13.


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