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Fall Of Kriti And Rise Of Sreeleela

Fall Of Kriti And Rise Of Sreeleela

The beautiful actress Kriti Shetty appears to be experiencing the consequences of a couple of unsuccessful films, and as a result, she is no longer in high demand among prominent Telugu stars. This has led her to transition to the Malayalam film industry.

Despite her counterparts Rashmika and Sri Leela increasing their fees, the "Uppena" actress had to settle for a payment of Rs 1.2 crore plus additional fees.

According to a source, Kriti Shetty's popularity has suffered due to the failure of movies like "The Warrior" and "Custody." Consequently, she has no intention of raising her fee, even though she is aware that her competitors are charging double her amount for their projects.

Sources reveal that Sreeleela has surpassed many leading actresses in Tollywood and is currently earning Rs 2 crore per film.

Although she is only recognized by the public for her roles in two movies, "Pelli SandaD" and "Dhamaka," her involvement in 5-6 films simultaneously has made her the most sought-after actress in the Telugu film industry.


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