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Eagle Is A Rambo & Terminator Kind Of Film

Eagle Is A Rambo & Terminator Kind Of Film

Karthik Gattamaneni is directing Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja's Eagle that will release tomorrow across the globe. The Release Trailer of the film released the other day pumped up the hype surronding the film. Karthik has interacted with media about the film.

Speaking about the film, Karthik said, "There is destruction in the Eagle concept itself. It is a larger than life entertainer. His destruction is for society. That is the suspense for now. In this the protagonist is a cotton farmer. But the problem he fights is international. It is also relevant for us. We enjoy movies like Rambo and Terminator a lot. An attempt to bring such a film. Eagle is an excellent action drama entertainer. It will definitely be a crowd pleaser".

Karthik also revealed the logic behind naming the film, Eagle. "Even if the eagle is four kilometers high, it can see the rabbit below. In this the hero has that eye power. Also the code name of this character in the movie is Eagle. We tried to use the same title in Hindi as well. There is a movie with the same name. So we are releasing it in Hindi with the title of 'Sahdev Varma'," he said.

He adds the second half of the film is very crucial. "The secondary half is very important to this story. We have explored the style of the protagonist through those characters. We tried styles like Virumandi, Rashoman, Vikram. If the whole concept is told in advance, the excitement is lost. If you watch the trailer after watching the movie, you will understand that the concept is clearly stated in the trailer itself," he added.


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