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Drugs Found In Hema's Blood Samples

Drugs Found In Hema's Blood Samples

Telugu actresses Hema and Ashi Roy's blood samples have tested positive for the consumption of drugs at a rave party in Bengaluru.

The rave party bust happened near Electronics City in Bengaluru.

The blood samples of the attendees at the busted rave party were sent to a laboratory for testing, as per Bengaluru City Police Commissioner B Dayananda.

The blood samples of 59 men tested positive for drugs while the blood samples of 27 women tested positive.

Both Hema and Aashi Roy were present at the party. Hema, who was detained by the cops, used the excuse of going to the washroom to record a misleading video.

She reportedly pleaded with the police not to arrest her and to keep her identity concealed.

The rave party case, which was initially handled by the Electronic City Police, was transferred to the Hebbagodi Police station before being taken over by the Central Crime Branch.

The rave party reportedly had MDMA pills, crystals, hydro cannabis and cocaine at the venue.


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