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'Chandrababu Is The Reason For Ticket Price Issue'

'Chandrababu Is The Reason For Ticket Price Issue'

NV Prasad, the senior producer cum distributor has shared many interesting things about the burning problem of film ticket prices in Andhra Pradesh in an exclusive interview to greatandhra.com. 

He said that it was Chandrababu Naidu's negligence when he was the CM of the state that resulted in the present pandemonium. 

Explaining the issue, he said. "With a feeling that he is doing great help to the film industry, Chandrababu Naidu encouraged the distributors to get permission for the high ticket prices from the Court and run the shows. After facing several requests from time to time, the Court suggested the government of Chandrababu Naidu to release a permanent GO in this issue. But he delayed it without giving importance at all. 

Eventually, the distributors felt that it is their right to hike up the ticket prices once the Court gives permission. As per the procedure, the Joint Collectors should give permission finally in respective zones and districts. During Vakeel Saab release a couple of Joint Collectors couldn't give the permission in time due to their other hectic works. 

But the distributors of that region moved the Court, raising a finger against the Joint Collector. This irked some officers in the system. They escalated the issue and suggested the CM to release a GO on this, as suggested by the Court long ago. Thus the GO was released overnight. 

The reason behind all this is Chandrababu's negligence in his tenure and the distributors' over action at present. It was just a coincidence that the film happened to be Vakeel Saab. There is nothing political about it". 

When asked, is it not the right decision as many theatre owners misused the benefit of increase in ticket prices, he said, "In spite of Covind lockdown, the exhibitors had to pay minimum electricity bills, property tax, publicity tax, business tax, water tax, drainage tax and municipal tax. How can anybody run the show without even earning a single penny? Keeping that aside, when the system has become digital and things like GST are in place, there is no chance for misuse at all. If anybody does that he will land up in jail".

NV Prasad has thrown enough light on the burning issue of the GO related to the ticket prices in AP. 

Finally he also said that it is not the right time for the present government to bring in this GO amidst pandemic blow. Let the theatres' system breathe some oxygen and then the policies can be imposed with a fresh GO. 

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