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Biopic Of RGV Will Expose Every Dark Deed Of His!

Biopic Of RGV Will Expose Every Dark Deed Of His!

Writer Jonnavittula, who has been at loggerheads with Director Ram Gopal Varma , is now planning to make a biopic of RGV on a big scale.

An actor who has close resemblance to Ram Gopal Varma is been identified in Madhya Pradesh.

Jonnavittula is in talks with the said actor to essay the lead role in biopic of RGV. If the reports are to be believed, the said actor has connections with RSS.

Ram Gopal Varma has irked many in the cinema industry and a few politicians as well. They are giving all the support that Jonnavittula needs to make this movie.

This film will reportedly cover everything about RGV right from his pre-Shiva days to his publicity gimmicks.

The scripting is going on as of now and it will start rolling shortly. Jonnavittula is hell bent on making this movie after RGV badmouthed him on live debates in news channels. Jonnavittula is doing his research to expose the true colors of RGV.

A film on RGV definitely sounds interesting, but does Jonnavittula know the tricks of RGV to get as much coverage as an RGV movie gets?


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