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Bigg Boss 4: Clueless Contestants Messing Up Every Task

Bigg Boss 4: Clueless Contestants Messing Up Every Task

Bigg Boss season 4 is turning out to be a cryfest as it approaches the finale. Almost every contestant is trying to play safe and not to get involved in any brawls. Contestants like Avinash, Ariana and Harika are playing it to the cameras all the time. Their tactics for sympathy are extremely annoying to watch.

Ticket to the finale task has been messed up in every level as the contestants played very safe by not putting up a fight for the ticket. The Bigg Boss creative team might have been in tears seeing the contestants play this task. They took turns to collect the milk in the first level to keep it as soft as they could.

Only Avinash tried to create some drama, but was disqualified in the first stage itself. Flowers task in second level was supposed to be a challenging one, but the contestants made a pact even before the task commenced. They decided not to pluck or steal flowers from each other’s mud pits or hands. The third level of the task was a yawn as Akhil and Sohel never tried to push each other from the swing.

They simply sat on the swing for hours together and finally Sohel gave up the ticket for his friend. Later, Bigg Boss arranged a number task and the contestants refused to fight for their numbers. Abhijeet happily accepted the last position and others were not even in a mood to demand for the number they wanted.

Even the devil’s task that was conducted last week turned out to be a bore fest as the contestants messed it up big time. At this stage, not just the audience, even the Bigg Boss creative team must be waiting for this boring season to end as there’s no hope left for excitement or entertainment in the remaining weeks.  

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