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Bigg Boss 4: Abhijeet's Fans Target Akhil And Put Harika In Danger!

Bigg Boss 4: Abhijeet's Fans Target Akhil And Put Harika In Danger!

Bigg Boss reality show is not a game that is played inside the house but also from the outside. Fans and followers of the contestants should be strategic in voting for certain contestants to ensure safety of their favorite contestants. 

It is best to remove the weaker opponents when given a chance so that the stronger contestants remain in the game and the weak are kicked out in the early stages.

Abhijeet and Harika fans got a golden chance to remove Monal last week as the Abhika duo escaped nominations. But fans of the duo targeted Akhil, who has a strong voting base. They voted for Monal in the hope of Akhil’s eviction.

Despite getting full support from Abhika fans, Monal couldn’t put Akhil in danger. In fact, the television actor got the highest number of votes among the four nominated contestants. Monal got second place because of the support from Abhijeet and Harika fans.

As a result, Avinash was in danger, but he escaped eviction by using the eviction free pass. Monal has not only escaped eviction but also became the reason for the host to point out the mistakes of Abhi and Harika.

Abhijeet who won many fans with his style and swag was forced to get down on his knees and apologize to Nagarjuna for those mistakes.

Abhijeet and Harika’s bond is also broken as they reportedly nominated each other this week. Harika may not get the support from Abhijeet fans at this crucial juncture. Now she is in danger of missing out on a spot in the final five.

Abhika fans are regretting for voting to Monal when they could have stayed out of the voting during the crucial phase of the game. 

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