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Big B on what disturbs him the most about Covid-19

Big B on what disturbs him the most about Covid-19

Amitabh Bachchan has blogged to share what disturbs him most about the Covid-19 pandemic even as fear of the virus lingers on.

He expressed his views in his new blog post, while talking about how he used to spend "Sundays filled with the joy of the evenings of well wishers", which have turned into "Sundays of expectation and wonder.. of explanation of the address in the previous post.. of not going anywhere".

"Of merely playing with the punching squares and the oblong remotes .. Even they have been sanitised into oblivion .. procedures and repeats of the same have taken their toll .. questioning at times does create repercussions .. not of any seriousness, but ‘cussions' all the same," he wrote.

The cine icon, who has started shooting for "Kaun Banega Crorepati" season 12, also spoke of changing scenario on the sets.

"When the work beckons in the early morrow .. the change shall be on test .. and the wonder then of how it shall eventually turn out .. each day has its illusions expectations and formats of inventive creation .. one such shall be on test .. and the night after its done shall be spent on its assessment and the hope of some visuals that shall justify I hope the environ," he wrote.

He continued: "There is a hesitancy in all about for all that has to be undertaken .. among all .. and the fear of the ultimate problem .. of an infection .. lies way ahead in all .. THOUGH .. as you drive to work in disinfected environ .. there are the many that walk ab out in the streets and lanes and roads without any protection .. and they seem to be without any alarm.

"BUT .. that has been the state of them that do not have the means .. they suffer before they suffer after .. and no matter how much we can in limited capacity work and do for them it shall never be enough .. It is disturbing .. it is somewhere do keep doing for them that they do not have .. and we do .. but no matter what, their needs are immense..

"Almighty be praised .. HE protects us all .. irrespective .. with or without the means .. its the cycle of life .. the more I write the more disturbing it gets .. So .. I shall end," he added.

Bachchan was hospitalised after testing Covid-19 positive in July, and discharged after testing negative on August 2.


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