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Bhumika Is A Surprise Package In Ruler

Bhumika Is A Surprise Package In Ruler

Whatever the elements that fans expects from a Balakrishna film will be there in his ready-for-release film Ruler gracing the theaters in four days on December 20th.

Ruler as is observed in promotional content will be high on action. The film will have a total of five action episodes- out of which 3 were choreographed by Anbu Arivu and other two by Ram Lakshman duo.

So, it will be a complete feast for Balakrishna fans and mass movie enthusiasts.

Balakrishna will be seen in a two-shaded role as a Bihar cop and as a stylish businessman.

Another interesting revelation is that Bhumika Chawla who makes entry in the second half is said to be a surprise package.

“There’s a surprise element linked to Bhumika’s character. You’ll be surprised to see the twist on screen,” informs the source.

While first half is going to be full on action and other mass elements, there will be good dose of drama and few unexpected twists in the second half. The total runtime of the movie is locked to 2 hr 30 mins which is ideal length of late.

“The farmers’ episode will surely make everyone emotional,” discloses the source adding dialogues will be other biggest asset of the film.



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