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August Box Office: 25 Releases- Only 1 Successful

August Box Office: 25 Releases- Only 1 Successful

In August, a total of 25 movies were released. But all except one met with disappointing result. 

Despite significant anticipation, Bholaa Shankar and the moderately anticipated Gandeevadhari Arjuna both turned out to be box office disasters.

During the first week, 9 films were simultaneously released. With the release of Bholashankar scheduled for the following week, smaller films were lined up for release in that week.

Unfortunately, none of these movies received noteworthy publicity or hype. A dubbed film titled LGM, produced by cricketer Dhoni, had moderate expectations but ended up as a disaster.

In addition to these, other movies like Mistake, Rajugari Kodi Pulao, Krishnagadu Ante Oka Range, Dil Se, Hebbuli, Blood and Chocolate, and Priymaina Priya were also released this week. However, none of these films made a significant impact. The re-release of Surya Son Of Krishnan starring Surya caused quite a commotion.

Moving into the second week, Bholashankar, the highly anticipated film hit the screens. Directed by Meher Ramesh and featuring Chiranjeevi as the protagonist, the movie was a complete letdown. From its start to the climax, it failed to capture the audience's interest at any point.

Doubts that had been circulating about the film's potential since its inception were confirmed once it was screened. Not only did the movie become a disaster, but certain scenes also tarnished Chiru's image.

A day before Bholashankar's release, the movie Jailer, starring Rajinikanth, entered the scene. Despite being introduced with minimal expectations, the film became a surprise blockbuster hit. This success story made Jailer the sole standout hit of August, and it continues to run in theaters.

In the third week, movies like Bhootala Bangla, Prem Kumar, Jilebi, Madilo Madi, and Pizza-3 were released. Among these, Prem Kumar featuring Santhosh Shobhan and Jilebi starring Srikamal, the son of director Vijay Bhaskar, attracted significant attention. Unfortunately, both movies failed to perform well at the box office, alongside other releases during that period.

Also in the third week, Prabhas' older film Yogi was re-released. Although it generated initial excitement among fans upon re-release, it failed to make a substantial impact at the box office.

As August neared its end, movies like King of Kotha, Daksha, Rent, Gandeevadhari Arjuna, Bedurulanka, Boys Hostel, Em Chestunnav, and Nenena were released. Among these, the most shocking disappointment was Gandeevadhari Arjuna, a collaboration between Varun Tej and director Praveen Sattaru that turned out to be an epic disaster.

Similarly, Dulquer Salmaan's attempt to reshape his mass image through 'King of Kotha' did not resonate well with the Tollywood audience.

August saw a lineup of 25 movies, with only the dubbed film Jailer making a noteworthy impact. The straight releases of Bholashankar and Gandeevadhari Arjuna left audiences astounded due to their disastrous performances.


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