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AM Ratnam In Deep Financial Trouble?

AM Ratnam In Deep Financial Trouble?

AM Ratnam, the renowned producer, is widely recognized for his exceptional contributions to the film industry.

Collaborating with acclaimed director Shankar, he produced several blockbuster hits. Subsequently, he continued to deliver impressive movies, earning him praise and success. 

However, some set backs hindered his progress. Eventually with a wish to come back he gave a huge advance to Pawan Kalyan and started "Harihara Veeramallu," in the direction of Krish.

If this film had been completed as planned, it had the potential to surpass the two-hundred-crore mark in the market. Regardless of the expenses incurred, Ratnam would have at least retained a significant amount of about Rs 25 Cr. 

Unfortunately, circumstances prevented this outcome, and the exact source of the problem remains unknown.

Was it an issue with Krish's script or a financial setback for the production? Additionally, Pawan's lack of enthusiasm for the film raises questions.

Will "Harihara Veeramallu" ever reach completion? Despite taking on this project, Pawan has already initiated and released two films, with a third one ready for release this month, and another film over halfway completed.

The situation surrounding "Harihara Veeramallu" is perplexing, with no single individual, whether it be Pawan, Krish, or Ratnam, solely responsible. 

Currently, rumors circulate within Tollywood about AM Ratnam's financial struggles. Only Ratnam himself can confirm the accuracy of these rumors. 

Reportedly, someone has expressed interest in acquiring the rights to re-release one of his old films. Surprisingly, Ratnam has requested a mere fifty lakhs for the re-release of that particular film with all expenses covered. 

Sources say that the interested party initially agreed but failed to respond. Then Ratnam requested the party to release an advance payment of at least ten lakhs, as per hearsay. That shows his desperation. It is disheartening to witness the predicament faced by such a remarkable producer. 

Despite his numerous blockbusters, it is saddening to observe his current circumstances. If Pawan were to involve himself in the matter, extracting Ratnam from this financial crisis should not be a challenge. Regrettably, it appears that such intervention is unlikely to occur.


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