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'Adi Purush' Poster More Damaging Than Trailer?

'Adi Purush' Poster More Damaging Than Trailer?

The Adi Purush poster was released today on the occasion of Sri Rama Navami, but it received heavy criticism from the majority of society and the media.

"It's surprising to see that the Adi Purush team released the same low-quality and inconsistent poster even after receiving significant backlash for the trailer. What have they changed? It appears nothing", wrote a netizen.

A social media post mentions- "The released poster implies the Pattabhishekam scene after the death of Ravana, with Hanuman also present in the popular pose. This particular image is well-known in every household, but the costumes given to Lord Rama, Lakshmana, and Sita are inappropriate. They should be shown in proper royal attire, not like this".

"They have messed up again. This is unacceptable. Sita is seen without sindoor, magalsutra, or bangles, and she is even covered with a shawl. What is this"? mentions a web article. 

"Lakshmana looks like a revolutionary fighter from the British era with the leather belts, while Ram is clean-shaven and Lakshmana has a trimmed beard. Hanuman is shown without a mustache but with a beard, which makes him look like an ardent Muslim", says an FB post.

Another netizen writes- "Prabhas seems to be harming his career by not involving himself in the creative process. This is truly atrocious. The Ramayana cannot be depicted like this, and people will not accept it. It may even be considered blasphemy".

Overall, the expectation of repairs being made to Adi Purush following the criticism of the trailer appears to be in despair.


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