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What Happened To Nithya's Career?

Nithya Menon is no doubt a talented actress. But the way she is picking up her roles is making one wonder as to what is happening to her career.

She is getting good offers. But she is choosing leading roles in films starring young heroes and not-so-important characters – may be as a second or third heroine roles – in films starring big heroes.

While films with small-time heroes are not doing well at the box office, she is not getting any recognition to her characters in films of big heroes though they are bit hits.

Classic examples are: Recently released 24, in which she was confined to just two scenes and Rudhrama Devi and Son of Satyamurthy, in which her roles had no importance, though all the three were big hits.

At the same time, she did prominent roles in films beside Nara Rohith and Sandeep Kishan, but they could not attract the audiences. If her career goes like this, she may not get any good roles in future.

At present, she has two big films on hand: Janata Garage starring NTR and Irumurugan starring Vikram, in which she is playing the second heroine. It does mean, she would not get any credit if the films turn out to be hits.

It is unfortunate that despite being a talented actress, Nithya’s career is not showing any upward trend!



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