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Ram Charan Disrespects Media!

Present generation star heroes aren’t habituated to punctuality. They show least respect to media, keep them awaited for hours and literally treat them subservient. 

Today’s Ram Charan press meet for Dhruva promotions is yet again a show of lacking in courtesy for press.

Invited to have close session with Ram Charan at 9am, organizers cancelled the interview twice. Finally, the interview was scheduled at 4pm and a stressed Charan was present at 5:30pm. 

In a mad rush, the conversation concluded in 30 minutes as there were other video interviews and the USA flight to board today evening.

Scribes are angered first by the delayed interview beginning. Then the dull, exhausted Ram Charan’s uninspiring answers made entire show insipid. 

Apparently, media folks surrounded him with horde of questions but Ram Charan watered down the vigor with off putting replies. Either he shook the head no or gave a cynical chuckle closing the session on negative vibe.

Rather disrespecting media in the mist of his busy schedule, Ram Charan could have arranged a get together after Dhruva release. Is this organizer’s oversight or Charan not prompt at time?

Allu Arjun, Allari Naresh are other heroes who faced media’s ire in recent times and now Ram Charan.



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