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Didn't Mahesh Know This During Shooting?

Didn't Mahesh Know This During Shooting?

Every hero puts in lots of energy and hard work for a hit. But if they blindly believe the director and end up crying foul after the film’s release, then what’s the point? Right now, Prince Mahesh is caught up in a similar situation.

After the stupendous success of Dookudu, Mahesh overestimated the capacity of Srinu Vaitla and hoped that the audience would lap anything and everything thrown at them in the name of entertainment.

Now, Aagadu is almost on the brink of being labeled a flop in Mahesh’s career. But many in tinsel ville are wondering as to how Mahesh okayed the lame script in the first place. Didn’t Mahesh see it coming when the shooting was on?

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Now, just about everyone from critics to Mahesh fans are holding Srinu Vaitla responsible for the film’s lackluster performance. But isn’t Mahesh equally responsible for the film’s output?

Had he put his foot down and stalled the shooting, Srinu Vaitla would have been forced to change his script. Instead, both the hero and director had the over confidence to make such a film. 

Talk in Film Nagar is that Mahesh should take more care in future instead of banking on his past successes.

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