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Boyapati Excels In Media Management

Boyapati Excels In Media Management

If the buzz is to be believed director Boyapati Srinu is instrumental in keeping Sarrainodu in the news post release.

Everyone in the team was disappointed with the initial talk of Sarrainodu, but Boyapati Srinu didn’t lose hope and encouraged the producer to promote it aggressively irrespective of the talk.

Boyapati Srinu used all his connections in the media to carry good reports about the collections of Sarrainodu.

He personally called upon few influential people in the media and requested them for their full support. Fortunately for him Sarrainodu went from strength to strength at the box office and turned out to be a good hit.

Special care has been taken by Boyapati Srinu to see that everything about the box office performance of Sarrainodu was covered by the majority of the media.

Boyapati isn’t satisfied even after the film turned out to be a super hit. He saw an opportunity to cash in on when no big films released on this Friday. It is the last week for Sarrainodu to make the most before Brahmotsavam hits the screens. So Boyapati asked Allu Arjun to give interviews to the major dailies to grab the attention.

The ploy seems to have worked going by the Sunday collections of Sarrainodu. Great work Boyapati sir!



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