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Akhil's Musical Controversy?

Akhil's Musical Controversy?

Youngsters do have fancy ideas, but lack the experience to follow them through till the end. While Akhil's Hello is being made with Rs 40 crore, a little mistake has brought bad name to his dad Nagarjuna and Annapurna Banner.

With the money his dad is splurging on him, Akhil could have got an original piece of music composed for the film's teaser. But he chose to go for a Hollywood bit that caught his fancy.

Well, the film had very good buzz and it was being directed by Vikram Kumar who is among top directors in the country today. The music is being composed by Anup Rubens.

Now one bad incident has tarnished the image of the makers. Following a complaint, the film's teaser has been taken off YouTube.

Immediately, word spread around and people wondered why Akhil did not go for an original bit when his film was worth Rs 40 crore. However, the story seems to be totally different.

Apparently, the teaser was made by a Mumbai-based company. Akhil had liked a Hollywood bit and suggested the same to them. The Mumbai company bought the rights and only then used it.

However once the video was uploaded, someone complained to YouTube and they removed it. Later, the true story came out, but meanwhile the damage was done.

But dad Nagarjuna is said to be quite indulgent with his son. And Hello remains Akhil's film.



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