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Sharwanand: Radha is Policeman Bhagavadgita

Sharwanand: Radha is Policeman Bhagavadgita

From under rated memorable roles in decently performed films like Gamyam, Prasthanam, Journey to energetic performances in Box Office churners like Run Raja Run, Express Raja, Shatamanam Bhavati, it was a full circle for actor Sharwanand with a complete image makeover.

Proving himself with each film as a versatile actor yet comes one more distinctly unrelated heroic police character for Sharwanand as Radha is scheduled for a big release in this week on 12th.

On this eventual occasion, Sharwanand spoke to Greatandhra.com in brief about Radha:

Q: Wearing police dress for first time?
A: Yes, I am kicked up wearing police uniform for first time. But, let me say you Radha is not Rajasekhar in Ankusam or the powerful cop in Singham series. This is the story of a funny cop whose character is behaviorally influenced by Lord Sri Krishna in Mahabharatha.

Q: What’s the character in brief?
A: Dial 100 is the only facility which serves round the clock and 365 days a year with concerned police station.

Radha grows up believing that police is the other form of god arrived on this earth to punish the evil and save the good, something like Daivam Police Roopena.

Radha’s character bears all similarities with Lord Krishna in Mahabharatha. He preaches Bhagavadgita in contemporary form quoting the lines funnily throughout the length of film.

Radha also addresses other characters in the film with the names from Mahabharatha.

Antithetical to other police films high on action, Radha is a full length hilarious flick with novelty in hero. Entire content is hoisted on one point, justice should prevail.

Q: How challenging was the role?
A: As I said, Radha is a fresh film. Hero characterization is the real kick and USP. There is cuteness in every scene and I varied my dialogue delivery for the light hearted and entertainment pleasure. Audience will find a new relief in me after a family and emotional Shatamanam Bhavati.

Q: Why such contrasting scripts?
A: I never want to get struck in an image trap. I aspire to work on new stories, different scripts and keep a balance of my career. Thankfully, directors and writers are approaching me with what I am waiting from them.

Q: How it feels when you look at the career graph?
A: I am very happy and contented. At a time when I did Gamyam, immediately I got Andari Bandhuvaya and an intense Prasthanam. Then Run Raja Run happened to be a commercial success. Immediately a sincere and honest love story Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju followed by hilarious Express Raja.

When I thought of trying a full length family script Shatamanam Bhavati happened. Now, Radha is out and out commercial entertainer. Nowhere, there was a halt. From one film to other film, I am trying my level best to deliver whatever I can. 

Q: What made you believe in debutant Chandramohan direction?
A: I just kept trust on protagonist character design made by Chandramohan. This alone role bought a new life to Radha. He delivered exactly what that was narrated.

Q: How about Radha pre release business, was there any financial hiccups in middle production and final release stages?
A: No, Radha went off smoothly as scheduled. The project’s satellite rights were sold earlier before Shatamanam Bhavati. Then Nizam rights are undertaken by Dil Raju garu and my friends UV Creations bagged some areas in Andhra Pradesh.

Financial matters and business troubles never got into my notice because producers managed this whole department. As an actor, I am doing my level best to do justice for my film and it is my responsibility. 

Q: Music, heroines and others artists?
A: Lavanya Tripathi is a beautiful girl who always smiles keeping the atmosphere around very positive. Our romantic track is cute and audience will also fall in love.

Aksha got an extended guest appearance and danced for a song.

I knew music director Radhan from some time. I love his compositions and orchestrization in Andala Rakshasi. I thought of working with him and now it happened. He scored four wonderful songs.

Q: Upcoming films?
A: By this year end, Mahanubhavudu in Maruthi direction will be ready for release. A project with Sudheer Varma on Haarika & Hassine Creations and a film with ARKA Media are in discussion stages. Shatamanam Bhavathi, Radha and Mahanubhavudu will be my release score for 2017.

Q: Final word about Radha for audience?
A: After the huge success of family entertainer Shatamanam Bhavathi, this Radha is a non-identical out and out commercial entertainer. You can find a new Sharwanand in it. Just go and chill out in theaters on May 12th.  

Truly speaking, I started to observe Box Office numbers with Shatamanam. I appealed Dil Raju garu to give me a 40 Crores film. He thought I went mad. He assured me of making Shatamanam Bhavathi a 25 crores film at Box Office but beyond all our assumptions, we are welcomed into 40 crores club. I am an optimistic person and wish that Radha goes beyond… Sharwanand signed off.