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Will Sundeep Kishan Dare go Against Megastar?

Will Sundeep Kishan Dare go Against Megastar?

That Sundeep Kishan is doing a biopic of Uday Kiran has become viral news in no time. This has also raised eyebrows.

Why would Sundeep Kishan evince interest in producing and acting in the biopic of Uday Kiran when directors like Teja have given up. 

Uday Kiran rose to stardom in no time and became the heartthrob of girls in the early 2000s but his career went downhill after he series of flops coupled with his failed engagement with megastar Chiranjeevi’s daughter.

There is a lot of drama in Uday Kiran’s life and his story definitely makes an engaging watch on screen but there are also many controversial aspects.

Prime being his love relationship with Chiranjeevi’s daughter and the subsequent engagement and breakup. If one ignores this angle, there is no point in making his biopic.

But can Sundeep Kishan dare to make this biopic which would rankle megastar Chiranjeevi?

Sundeep is close to Megastar’s family and also belongs to the same community. Why would he go against Chiranjeevi now?


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