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Why Isn't Sreeleela Getting Offers?

Why Isn't Sreeleela Getting Offers?

Sreeleela, the actress who shot to fame with her debut film "Pelli SandaD," initially bagged many offers alongside big actors due to her following in the youth, which came with her dancing abilities. 

Many assumed that she was going to dominate the industry for more than a decade with her impeccable beauty and dancing skills.

However, very soon, with each film, her popularity began to go unnoticed or fail to meet expectations. With many flops to her credit, the lucky mascot image is also not working in her favor.

On the whole, she has no new opportunities coming her way. The reason attributed to this is her high remuneration demands. 

For her last film "Guntur Kaaram," she was paid a whopping 4 crores as per sources.

Knowing this, other producers are not approaching her, and she is not even signaling any willingness to negotiate on her remuneration. In fact, for her to have an uninterrupted career, she needs to significantly reduce her remuneration.

Moreover, critics also suggest that she needs to work with a proper dubbing artist to have a longstanding career, similar to how Chinmayi helped Samantha's career for years.


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