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Varun Tej Hikes His Remuneration!

Varun Tej Hikes His Remuneration!

Of late, Varun Tej stands out among Tier-II heroes of Telugu film industry with his consistent hits.

His market has, in fact, not yet stabilised, though he delivered big hits like “Fida” and “F2”, besides decently successful films like “Toli Prema” and “Valmiki.” 

While “Fida” could get a market share of Rs 50 crore, while “F2” starring another hero Venkatesh, recorded collections up to Rs 80 crore. But “Toli Prema” and “Valmiki” ended up with just around Rs 25 crore.

Yet, there is a talk in the film industry, Varun Tej has steeply hiked his remuneration. It is learnt he is now demanding remuneration of Rs 8 crore.

While another successful hero Nani is being paid remuneration of Rs 8-10 crore, Varun Tej, too, is charging more or less same, because of his consistent show at the box office.

However, producers are said to be wondering whether this comparison is correct. Nani managed to get huge opening collections with his latest film “Gang Leader,” though it got a flop talk.

But Varun Tej has not been able to get at least minimum openings for his flop films. His film “Antariksham” could not get even respectable collections.

So, one does not know whether producers would yield to his demand for a higher remuneration or agree to give him a share in the profits. Let us see.

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