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Sri Reddy Intimate Pic With Sensible Director

Sri Reddy Intimate Pic With Sensible Director

Gossipmongers are waiting keenly to know who the next big personality is in Sri Reddy’s leaks list. They tested their brain to guess who the producer’s son might be that Sri Reddy accused as a cheater and a sex maniac who used her with a promise of film offers. 

Finally, Sri Reddy leaked her romantic pictures with producer Suresh Babu’s son Abhiram to put full stop to the guessing games.

Now, it is heard that, Sri Reddy has an intimate picture with a sensible director who is known for making only super hit films.

None believed the news of his closeness with Sri Reddy, because he makes meaningful and ideological films with good message. In fact, many are condemning the reports on him as false allegations.

On the flip side, Sri Reddy is said to have proofs of a popular comedian’s weird acts during his selfie video calls with the actress.

It is also heard that, many have come to compromise with Sri Reddy by paying her hefty amounts and the actress is said to have responded positively.

Coming to Suresh Babu’s son Abhiram’s case, they have settled the matter with a director’s mediation. However, the pics have come out with MAA biggies making serious annotations on Sri Reddy during their press meet lately, as per a buzz.



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