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Separate PR Team For Bunny?

Separate PR Team For Bunny?

Pawan Kalyan has parted ways with the mega family and has his own PR team in place now looking after all his activities.

But of late, there has been a cold war of sorts between Ram Charan and Allu Arjun and Charan is reportedly keeping away from anyone from Bunny’s camp.

Till recently, all activities of the mega family used to be handled by Naga Babu or Swami Naidu who also looks after Chiranjeevi Blood Bank. But Bunny is now setting in place his own PR team co-ordinated by Allu Sirish.

With Swami Naidu and Naga Babu looking after Chiru and Charan’s activities by and large, Bunny is also co-coordinating his own activities now through a separate team. This should come as a huge disappointment to mega fans.