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Secret Behind The Two Parts Decision Of 'Pushpa'

Secret Behind The Two Parts Decision Of 'Pushpa'

It is known that "Pushpa", being made in the combination of Bunny and Sukumar is going to be released in two parts.

Though the official representatives of the film didn't announce this officially, it is almost confirmed to this film in two. But the point is why this decision is taken apart from the business benefits?

As per the sources there is a large part of film shoot pending. Whatever happened so far is very little. It is said that the team found it difficult to search for the shots to cut the trailer as well.

As per the situation before the 2nd wave of the pandemic, the scheduled finishing of the shoot was December 2021. But with the unprecedented delays and cancellation of shoots, it is needless to say that the film gets procrastinated further till mid 2022. 

That way it becomes two years for Allu Arjun to appear on screen. So, to break that hibernation, the makers are planning to release the first part in 2021 itself.

Right now the decision of fine tuning the subject to make it into two parts is with Sukumar. So, we have to see what is in store.

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