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Producers Caught Between Bunny And Sukku

Producers Caught Between Bunny And Sukku

"Pushpa 2 - The Rule" was scheduled to release on August 15, but now it seems that this won't happen.

Puri Jagannath has already scheduled his "Double iSmart" for the same date, and "Pushpa 2" is yet to complete its work.

Sources say that Sukumar has been taking time to fine-tune the film meticulously.

While Allu Arjun is putting pressure on the producers, the producers are chasing Sukumar. However, Sukumar is demanding more time from the producers to ensure a quality product.

The producers are facing pressure from both the hero and the director in this situation. Due to their personal bond, Allu Arjun is not directly pressuring Sukumar.

The bottom line is that both the hero and the producers want the film to be released as soon as possible, even if it means reserving some content for "Pushpa 3."

However, Sukumar insists that they can only consider "Pushpa 3" once "Pushpa 2" achieves significant success. To ensure this, Sukumar is meticulously chiseling the film as a perfectionist.

But technically speaking, giving a date and not being able to deliver the project in the stipulated time is the failure of the director and no one else.

Being a lecturer, Sukumar should know this. The student has to prepare for the examination date. No examination gets postponed if the student asks for more time to prepare.


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