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Pragya Jaiswal Demanding More Money

Pragya Jaiswal Demanding More Money

A single success is enough for actors to throw tantrums and demand more money. Pragya Jaiswal is the latest actress who is trying to make hay while the sun shines. 

Pragya Jaiswal has been in the Telugu film industry for nearly a decade but she could not reach the top league.

The success of “Akhanda” has put her in the spotlight. She played the role of a collector in the movie. Pragya Jaiswal is now reportedly demanding Rs 1 crore.

Pragya Jaiswal never scored a big blockbuster as the main heroine like this. Naturally, she wants to cash in on this fame.

She has no qualms about pairing up with senior actors. So, the producers can repeat her opposite Balayya again.


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