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PK Understood The Damage Caused By Trivikram?

PK Understood The Damage Caused By Trivikram?

Pawan Kalyan understood the outcome of "BRO." He has a deep understanding of what his fans desire from him.

The tried and tested Trivikram formula of a short number of working days and high pay seems to have gone awry, leading Pawan to collaborate with Mythri Movies, bringing back the shelved remake "Ustaad."

Pawan gave orders to recalculate his working days and adjust the schedule accordingly.

These calculations are currently underway, with estimates suggesting that at least 60 days are required for the talkie part.

By dedicating two months in September and October, the film could potentially be ready for release during the Sankranthi festival.

Currently, Pawan seeks to do a compelling mass film that will ignite excitement among the public and his fans, especially with the elections approaching.

This film would differ from Trivikram's style, more in the vein of "Gabbar Singh," aiming to captivate the audience with its mass appeal. This is precisely why the spotlight shifted to "Ustaad."

While Pawan was briefly sidetracked by projects like "Vakeel Saab," "Bheemla Nayak," and "Bro," he has opened his eyes now and seems to be making his own decisions, keeping Trivikram away.

However, he may not undertake small-scale projects in the future, as his focus is now on delivering a remarkable mass entertainer.


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