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'Pichakottudu' Sudhakar Set For Second Innings

'Pichakottudu' Sudhakar Set For Second Innings

Remember villain-turned-comedian Sudhakar, who was once an inseparable part of the Telugu films?

The talented actor, who was popular for his trade mark catch word “Pichchakottudu,” gained recognition for his timing and unique modulation of dialogues. Unfortunately, Sudhakar had fallen seriously ill, reportedly due to heavy boozing. There were reports that he had even slipped into coma, but luckily, he has recovered thanks to timely medical assistance, though he lost his original charm.

For almost three years, Sudhakar was missing from action in the Telugu film industry because of his ill health. Krishna Bhagavan filled the void and became a star comedian now. Now, Sudhakar is desperate to stage come back into films. But, it is very difficult for him to get back those roles.

Unlike a few other comedians, he doesn’t want to look for rehabilitation on the small screen but wants to test his fortunes on the big screen itself. Now, he is often found in Film Chamber engaging himself in renewing the lost contacts.