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Pawan Kalyan Worried About His Children

Pawan Kalyan Worried About His Children

Where is Power Star Pawan Kalyan? There is no sign of him either in politics or in movies.

Sixty percent of the 'Vakeel Saab' shoot is complete but the makers are yet to resume the shoot. Other than tweets, he is not even going to Andhra and he confined himself to his home in Hyderabad.

He is not stepping out even though there is so much political activity is going on in AP. In fact, it has been months since he made a public appearance.

Chandrababu Naidu is an elderly man but still, he visited Andhra. But the 50-year-old Pawan is confined to his home. His fans are unable to answer the questions posed by his critics on social media about his attitude.

Half of the Jana Sena Party cadre got disappointed with Pawan getting closer to BJP. With his silence during the corona crisis, they also have gone silent.

Megastar Chiranjeevi is scoring marks in the recent past more than Pawan. He became active with CCC and he is trying to solve other issues of the industry.

There is a talk that Pawan is confining himself to his home because of his two kids. He is reportedly shared with his close friends that he is not scared to roam outside but there are two small kids at home and their safety is important to him.

'Vakeel Saab' team could not resume the shoot because of the same reason as per them.

Even Dil Raju is not in a hurry with 'Vakeel Saab'. There is no sign of a big film release till January. There are a couple of above medium films but they may not compete with his film because the guild is in his control. If they resume the shoot in October, they can get the first copy ready by Sankranti.

Meanwhile, Pawan got free time so he is spending quality time with his family members and he is not in touch with other people.

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