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Nayanthara Upset With Atlee After Being 'Sidelined'

Nayanthara Upset With Atlee After Being 'Sidelined'

Superstar Nayanthara has made her Bollywood debut, and it's making waves.

In Shah Rukh Khan's blockbuster release "Jawan," the actress portrays the formidable special agent Narmada Rai.

Fans have been thrilled by the on-screen chemistry between SRK and Nayanthara, with the catchy tune "Chaleya" playing in the background. However, there are reports suggesting that Nayanthara is not pleased with director Atlee.

According to a source mentioned in Hindustan Times, Nayanthara has been quite upset with Atlee because her role in the film was significantly edited, while Deepika Padukone's character was given more prominence.

Deepika makes a "special appearance" as Vikram Rathod's (SRK) wife in the movie.

The source clarified that it wasn't a mere cameo; rather, "Jawan" appeared more like an SRK-Deepika film.

Given Nayanthara's leading status in the South Indian film industry, she was reportedly unhappy with how her part was sidelined in the movie. This may also explain why she might not be seen in a Bollywood project anytime soon.

Regarding Nayanthara's absence from promotional events and the success press meet, the source explained that the actress follows a "no promotion policy" due to past experiences of being misquoted and her belief that her primary role is to act, not to engage in promotional activities.

"Jawan" hit theaters on September 7.


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