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Mike Tyson Costed Rs 25 Cr For 'Liger' Makers?

Mike Tyson Costed Rs 25 Cr For 'Liger' Makers?

It is known that Mike Tyson, the former boxing champion is seen in the Bollywood film 'Liger' starring Vijay Deverekonda and Ananya Pandey directed by Puri Jagannath. This is the B-wood debut of this world famous champion. 

According to Bollywood Hungama he walked away with Rs 20- 25 Cr for this cameo appearance in the film.

But our reliable sources in Hyderabad said that it burnt Rs 25 Cr but that included the total cost of shoot and other expenses on the paraphernalia to Mike Tyson.

It is said that Tyson was given a remuneration close to Rs 15 Cr and the rest was the other overhead costs. 

Though Tyson is a well known boxer, he was a fascination for the kids of 1980s-1990s and not beyond. The present day youngsters hardly connect to his popularity.

This 56 year old former heavyweight champion is not in the league now. It's the fascination of Puri Jagannath for him that made him part of the film. 

As per the Bollywood Hungama it seems that Karan Johar was stern against the idea of bringing in Tyson into the film but Puri Jaganntah wanted this to happen. But at the end his presence was wasted due to weak writing of the climax.


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