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'Many Heroines Were Close To Me'

'Many Heroines Were Close To Me'

Prabhu Deva made big headlines some years back for having a live-in relationship with Nayanatara. At that time, entire media wrote stories about their marriage. 

But just days before the speculated date, it was reported that they broke off.

Though quite some time has passed and Prabhu Deva directed some hit films in Bollywood with stars like Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn, both Prabhu Deva and Nayanatara are still asked about the episode.

But Prabhu Deva says that many heroines were close to him and saying that he and Nayanatara were an item is wrong. 

He says that his divorce with his ex-wife had nothing to do with Nayantara and maintains that he did not do anything wrong due to his fascination for another woman.

Well, no matter what he says, Nayanatara has moved on in life and so did he. Hence it would be best if one stops talking about it as it is a closed chapter for both of them.

As of now, Prabhu Deva says he has plans of directing a Telugu film any time soon.



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