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Is The Dislike Campaign A Planned Strategy?

Is The Dislike Campaign A Planned Strategy?

Sadak 2 trailer has created a world record as the most ‘disliked’ movie trailer ever on YouTube.

The trailer has received more than one crore dislikes and counting. On the flip side, the film also got benefitted by this hate war as the trailer clocked over 40 Million views already.

While there is clear hatred towards Alia and her father Mahesh Bhatt after the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, the wave of dislikes for Sadak 2 are raising new doubts.

Team Sadak 2 predicted that the trailer would be targeted by anti-nepotism gangs and the internet trolls.

So, did they use it for their benefit by making news out of a dislike campaign? Did they use bots to increase the dislikes so that the trailer will get the attention from everyone?

Although this theory sounds bizarre, anything is possible in Bollywood where everybody is a master of marketing.

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