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Is Mega Family Provoking Mahesh Indirectly?

Is Mega Family Provoking Mahesh Indirectly?

Politics happen in all professions and there is professional rivalry between equals, despite the best intentions.

And the latest issue that is being talked about in Film Nagar is about mega family's discreet and indirect attempts at instigating Mahesh.

Well, one cannot point fingers at mega family directly as no one from their family is directly involved in any comment or incident that involves Mahesh per se.

But a few incidents which some insiders say are more than coincidence point out that there is some strategy that the mega family is following to get Mahesh worked up.

For starters, if one goes a little into the past, there was the showdown between Prakash Raj and Srinu Vaitla, following which Prakash Raj was out of Aagadu. Though the issue was very small, Prakash Raj blew it out of proportion and he walked out of Aagadu.

At the time, he got close to mega family and the role that was meant for Raj Kiran in Govindudu Andari Vaadele, went to Prakash Raj.

But in the whole episode, Mahesh's name came into the picture without his having to do anything about the issue, thanks to Aagadu.

Though Mahesh's name was not taken out, Mahesh's name was associated with a controversy that had nothing to do with him.

Another incident that really instigated Mahesh fans was Srinu Vaitla's comments about Srimanthudu. Since the film has been critically acclaimed and since it is a huge commercial hit, Mahesh's fans got really active on social media sites and took on Srinu Vaitla.

Now, one cannot help but notice that Srinu Vaitla is now working with the mega camp. Also, during the audio release function of Srimanthudu, Srinu Vaitla had agreed on stage that Aagadu was a mistake.

Now, while that appears to be sheer coincidence, some in industry insist that it is mega family's ploy to get at Mahesh who prefers to be controversy-free.

Well, though mega camp never makes any comments directly, it is pretty obvious that the actor and director involved had made such comments only to get into the good books of the mega family say industry insiders.

And to add to the scene, a young hero from mega family is said to have made a comment that he is any day bigger than Mahesh Babu.

Well, if one puts two and two together, it is quite obvious that the mega family is out to instigate Mahesh, albeit in a discreet manner.

Of course, to give them benefit of doubt, all these independent incidents could be mere coincidence. Wonder what the true story is after all?