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Gossip: 'Heroine' Seeks Help From Big Producer

Gossip: 'Heroine' Seeks Help From Big Producer

He is known as the trouble-shooter, producer of the industry. He is the owner of a big banner and many in the industry approach him when they have problems and the producer too solves them in his style.

Now, the producer has been approached by one of the heroines who's name is involved in the Chicago sex racket. Apparently, she has pleaded with the producer to help her clear her name and get out of the mess she is in.

Already, quite a few names have emerged from the Chicago sex racket scam. But her name does not appear in the list.

However, in a latest find, her name pops up in chats and screen shots shared. So, the lady is now distressed and is seeking the help of the big producer to bail her out of the problem.

Honestly, she is no big heroine in Telugu. She did a film with a comedian which did not do well. Last year, a film with huge expectations was made, but failed to bring her any success. Barely she has done 4 films and now she spends most of her time doing photo shoots.

But going by her case, one cannot completely say she is gullible. Some say she was the one who went to the US to make some money. But the producer who has successfully dealt with a sex racket recently, could be her only resort.

Now, it remains to be seen if the big producer will bail her out successfully.


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