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Director's 'Collections-Fight' With The Distributor

Director's 'Collections-Fight' With The Distributor

Generally directors and distributors never confront each other in business. But we have a director who is keen with regard to the business of his films.

He gets into every aspect of his film business and decides which figure has to go out to the media with regard to the collections.

On the other hand, we have  a distributor who is a big shot in the industry. He is known for his monopoly on an area of business. 

Now the director is not happy with that distributor for  a reason. He feels that the distributor is always releasing bigger figures of collections to the films he produces and projecting smaller figures for others. 

This director has now lifted the opportunity of a tiff between this distributor and another distributor of the same area. 

The director has given away his film to that other distributor and is now challenging that the collections will be bigger than before. 

Well, this director seems to be building his career only on figures irrespective of hit or flop.

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