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Dil Raju's Shaadi Creates Headaches For Akhil!

Dil Raju's Shaadi Creates Headaches For Akhil!

Akhil Akkineni’s Most Eligible Bachelor was supposed to release for Sankranthi but it was pulled out as the makers decided to reshoot certain portions of the film. According to reports most of the second half portion that was already shot has been rewritten.

The reason for the reshoot of MEB is a low budget film titled Shaadi Mubarak. Many wouldn’t have noticed this small film if Dil Raju hadn't taken over its reins. Dil Raju is co-producing Shaadi Mubarak starring Television actor R.K. Naidu in the lead role.

The makers of Most Eligible Bachelor came to know about the similarities between both the films and decided to make changes in the second half which is why the release has been pushed to summer.

Akhil Akkineni pinned a lot of hopes on Most Eligible Bachelor directed by Bommarillu Baskar. The actor is in dire need of a hit as his first three films failed to click at the box office. 

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