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Buzz: This Actor Wants Money for Being Anchor

Buzz: This Actor Wants Money for Being Anchor

Producers rely heavily on team interviews of their movies for promotion of their movies.

During the time of a movie release, the producers either an anchor or a celebrity for group interview of their team.

Generally, the anchor takes her remuneration, but celebrities act as anchors for free. They agree to do the interviews out of courtesy.

But sometimes some strange things also take place. This is one such incident. A production team of an upcoming movie requested a popular celebrity to serve as an anchor and do interview of their team.

The producer thought that the this celebrity would fetch good publicity for the movie, as he is popular on social media.

The actor’s speeches in audio functions and other events went viral on YouTube on several occasions.

The actor also knows that he has a craze on YouTube. Apparently, he has decided to cash in on this and started demanding money for interviews.

The production team got a jolt from his demand. Still, they have agreed to present him with a gift or something. But the actor insisted on Rs 5 lakhs for the interview.

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