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Buzz: Director Troubling Everyone With Anger

Buzz: Director Troubling Everyone With Anger

Directors face different tensions while making the film. Generally they express their anger or unrest on the members of their department but maintain cool with others. 

But here is one director who shows his anger everytime with everyone.

From office boy to editor to PRO and the Production Manager everybody is holding their heads to deal with this director. 

"His short temper and loud reactions are spoiling the atmosphere", says an insider. 

Almost everybody is behaving in a matured way not giving tough counters to this director as it may affect the prospects of the film. But everybody is biting their ears and bitching about him outside. 

It is said that even if anybody utters his name improperly by mistake, he gets infuriated. 

Recently, when a program was organized he was pin on time at the venue. But when the organizers said that it takes another 15 minutes to start the event, he shouted loudly and asked, "Am I looking like a time pass guy? Why didn't you check before?". 

Well, this director is not so popular or senior in the industry. But he became famous with this anger now. It is time for him to cut down his temperament as it may affect his career badly.

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