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Buzz: Beautiful Actress Caught in High Spirits

Buzz: Beautiful Actress Caught in High Spirits

Hyderabad: ‘Drinking’ habit is quite common among film celebrities. We heard a lot about some male stars creating ruckus in an inebriated condition at the parties or social gatherings.

Of late, some actresses also are taking this a bit far. A lot of heroines and character actresses take a glass of wine as part of party etiquette. This is quite common in high societies.

However, some actresses don’t stop with one glass or two. This habit leads to many problems.

One such incident took place at a recent film event. The makers of the small-budgeted movie threw a party for the team members and this beautiful actress who generally appears in character roles and in special characters was in high spirits.

She enjoyed the party to the fullest. As she was uncontrollable at the party, her personal staff was called in for. They accompanied her home as she is in an intoxicated condition.

The beautiful married actress who is in her late 30’s should be under control at the parties. Or she would lose her image in no time.

A glass of wine in a beautiful lady’s hands looks pretty but if she creates a scene after getting drunk, it becomes news.

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