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Buzz: Allu Arjun Puts A Crazy Project Aside!

Buzz: Allu Arjun Puts A Crazy Project Aside!

Icon was one of the projects announced by Allu Arjun on his birthday.

The stylish star has given his nod to do the movie for Dil Raju's production in a single narration given by director Sriram Venut took everyone by surprise as Allu Arjun has Trivikram and Sukumar's films lined up.

Media speculated that Icon will start ahead of Sukumar's film as the Rangasthalam director is not able to lock the script for #AA20.

There were reports about Dil Raju getting the pre production work on track. But Sukumar is now ready with a script that has got the approval of Allu Arjun.

The formal launch of this film will happen for Dassera and the filming will begin in December.

Therefore, Icon has been put aside by Allu Arjun at the moment. He promised to do it after completing his current commitments.

However, Icon might get further delayed if Allu Arjun finds another exciting script in the meantime.

Will the MCA director wait until Allu Arjun gets on board or look for other options?

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