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Balakrishna To Come Up As God On Screen

Balakrishna To Come Up As God On Screen

We all know how Pawan Kalyan appeared as God in the socio fantasy film 'Gopala Gopala'.

In one of the films being produced by Peoples Media, Pawan is again appearing as a God in modern costume. 

But coming to Balakrishna, he may say 'yes' to do so in mythological films but never acted as God in social movies.

We have seen him playing the roles of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna with mythological costumes but never as a modern God in the lines of Bruce Almighty. 

But the sources say that he may be going to do one such role in a  film shortly. The makers of a remake film approached him to play the role as per a hearsay. 

Balakrishna is yet to say yes or no for this role. Already the makers approached Venkatesh for the same. We have to say who says 'yes' to do this finally.


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