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Allu Arjun and His Team's Fascination with Records

Allu Arjun and His Team's Fascination with Records

When a big celebrity holds a press meet, sometimes their team would request media persons not to ask certain questions.

Generally, this happens when the said celebrity is facing controversy and he/she doesn’t want to escalate it further.

But recently, the team of Allu Arjun requested journalists to ask certain questions. They have given a set of questions to throw at Allu Arjun.

This incident happened during the success meet of “Ala Vaikunthapurramloo” which was held recently. 

The questions were…. 

1) You have given industry hit with this film. How do you feel?
2) You are the Sankranthi winner. What is your state of mind?
3) Many say the real industry blockbuster is yours. What do say about it?
4) How elated are you on crossing the record of “Baahubali 1”?

“Records”, “Industry Hit”, “Non-Baahubali Blockbuster” …these are the main stress the team wanted to highlight.

It appears that Allu Arjun must have forced his team to make sure that the journalists should ask these questions. It is a strategy. 

If journalists ask these questions, he would respond to it. Thus he is not bringing the topic of the collections and records on his own. That is how he wanted it to be.

He wants a discussion about records but at the same time, he doesn’t want to talk on his own first. That was his scheme!

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