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US Wknd BO: Impressive Haul for Gang Leader

US Wknd BO: Impressive Haul for Gang Leader

“Nani’s Gang Leader” that featured Nani and five other leading women in the prime roles withered mixed reviews to post good numbers at the USA box-office in its opening weekend.

The crime comedy directed by Vikram Kumar went past $100 mark on Sunday to take its total weekend gross to $700k plus.

This is an impressive amount for a Nani starrer. The first weekend gross of “Jersey” that won glowing reviews was $913k. 

#GangLeader: Thur Premieres: $186378 Friday: $162707 Saturday: $257270 Sunday: $120K (approximate) Total Weekend Gross: $730k (apprx)

Nani is one of the most bankable stars in the overseas market. His six movies that grossed more than $1 million in the USA.

Given this track record, this is no surprise that “Gang Leader” took in such a good opening.

Moreover, the USA market is going through a phase of transition and it didn’t receive unanimously positive reviews. Amidst all these constraints, Nani’s movie has posted such impressive numbers. 

Directed by Vikram Kumar, "Nani's Gang Leader" is produced by Mythri Movie Makers. It introduced new girl Priyanka Mohan as the heroine.


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