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US Weekend BO: Garuda Vega Shines, Rest Fail

US Weekend BO: Garuda Vega Shines, Rest Fail

Rajasekhar's 'Garuda Vega', Aadhi starrer 'Next Nuvve' and Hebah Patel's 'Angel' came to the screens last weekend but only Rajasekhar's movie made its impact at ticket window.

It seems that people have got tired of watching horror-comedies and they are not showing much interest these days.

Despite presence of Nagarjuna and Samantha, “Raju Gari Gadhi 2” failed miserably in USA. Now, “Next Nuvve” met the same result.

“Next Nuvve” raked in below 20k dollars in its opening weekend, making it a huge flop. On the other hand, the small movie “Angel” had no takers at all. The film grossed mere 200 dollars in the entire weekend.

As we reported earlier, “PSV Garuda Vega” will be entering into profits this week as the film has already grossed 260k dollars (approximately) in its opening weekend. This is Rajasekhar’s biggest hit till date in overseas market.

If the film performs on strong note on Tuesday with promotional offers, it has chances to touch half million dollars mark.

Thu 28k, Fri 64k, Sat 106k, Sun 60k (apprx) Total Weekend Gross: $262k

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