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Trade Talk: Two Versions Effect On 2.0 Collections!

Trade Talk: Two Versions Effect On 2.0 Collections!

Shankar's sci-fi adventure 2.0 loaded with high quality VFX has taken over Tollywood box office.

Although the film hasn't lived up to the sky high expectations of the trade with its opening numbers, it has recorded the best opening day figures for a Rajinikanth starrer. It has held well on its second day in spite of mixed response.

The film's 3D version is running to packed houses and the theaters playing 2D version are not doing so well.

Releasing the movie in two versions and the excessive hype around 3D version right from the start has been showing a lot of impact on 2.0's performance.

Strangely, the makers have opted for an off-season to release such a huge biggie and as expected the film couldn't break records because of Non-holiday release.

Taxiwala has given way for 2.0 after doing spectacularly well for its making costs. It is a blockbuster for its makers that have reaped in handsome profits.

Last week's releases like 24 Kisses and Rangu have gone without a trace.

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